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The Commander Personality

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ENTJ Friendship

No matter where they are, an ENTJ will always have a plan. The same is the case with friendships. You will soon realize that it is not easy to be friends with an ENTJ. They are highly demanding and yet you notice that they pay attention to friends.

ENTJs will not settle for friendships that are formed out of common projects or work-based scenarios. Rather they believe in pursuing people who share similar values such as the need for learning as well as deep, meaningful conversations. It is the ideas that connect people to the commander personalities. These friendships are very intense. Since they have deep conversations, there is a constant back and forth of information. This allows the commanders to defend their viewpoints, something they love doing. In fact, they will respect the person even more for bringing out their challenging side.

ENTJs are considered as cold-hearted and corporate-ish by people. But friends of ENTJs will tell you that isn’t so. Given the right set of friends, they are as loyal as others.

ENTJ Choice of Friends

An ENTJ will not just be friends with someone for the sake of it. They will be friends because they have actively picked out this person as being worthy of their friendship. It is most likely that the person can have deep conversations, converse on abstract thoughts and nod to what the ENTJ is trying to describe from his philosophical point of view.

Introduction to ENTJ also known as the commander personality

If you are someone who loves learning new things and grow in life, you are easily going to mix with an ENTJ. People with the quality of being focused attract the commanders and get them to pay close attention. Sometimes that may seem a little too much but you soon get used to it. If you’re friends with an ENTJ it surely means that you are adding value to their life in the form of challenges, something that they love.

ENTJ Friendship Qualities

The ENTJ is passionate about everything, even friendships. They won’t waste time but will get to the point of the matter because they came to you to bond. The planning personality of the commander is visible here too. They’re the ones who are planning out events for people and show up when people ask them to.

Let’s say your friend requires your advice. You’re a commander and your friend wants to know whether he should quit his job and become an entrepreneur or he should stay for a little while longer. Rather than say that you’re unsure of what he should do, the ENTJ will willingly take out time and advice his friend on the course of action best suited for him.

Logically speaking, in the ENTJ way, friendship is also an investment you are making. ENTJs are there when a friend needs them, whether it’s someone going through a bad breakup or someone lost a job. You’re committed till the end and you work to get them through the mess they are going through.

ENTJ Friendship Challenges

Lacking the sensitive side of personality, ENTJs can be difficult for people who are feeling-oriented. Even in friendship, the commanders have the tendency to be highly critical of what their friends say. They can even go to the extent of dismissing their emotional arguments as unnecessary. This makes them challenge what others say and even question the conclusions they make. The ENTJ personality is so inclined to logic-based reasoning that anything else does not make sense. Add to this, the fact that they themselves don’t need emotional support.

The ENTJ can be very direct and confront people about things. This is both a good and a bad aspect. It means that the other person is valuable to them. People who add no meaning to their lives will not be in the friend list of an ENTJ. They prefer being with people from whom they can gain knowledge and challenging opportunities. However, this same trait can get people defensive.

Rather than beat around the bush, ENTJs will directly speak to you to know the extent of your knowledge. The more interesting part is that in various contexts they will also try to gauge your opinion on the knowledge that you presented. For those who will not feel intimidated by such an inquisitive nature, it opens up a range of possibilities of knowledge transfer. However, people who are not used to this interrogative style of conversation may clamp up and not open when an ENTJ is around.

Despite their shortcomings, ENTJ personality type is friendly and outgoing. Since they are so focused on getting the outcome, they fail to look at the emotions other people carry, even if they don’t.

Personalities who can be friends with ENTJs

Intuition drives ENTJ and so the best friends are those containing N in their personality. The NT category of people shares the same values as ENTJ because they both dwell on abstract conversations. Both these sides are able to look at things logically without any emotional side. With both sides being blunt and being able to understand each other’s viewpoints, they can even control the other when they go too far. This friendship includes ENTJs and ENTPs as well as the introverted ones.

The NF category has both intuition and feeling and so the blunt nature of an ENTJ will not go down too well with them. A friendship with the commander personality is likely to emotionally hurt NF type of people. This includes ENFP, ENFJ, INFP and INFJ.

The friendship that is most challenging and even almost impossible is between an ENTJ and SP type of personalities. This is because one loves the abstract and the other doesn’t. However, if the ENTJ can look at the SP’s lifestyle of being a go-getter and take inspiration from it, these challenges can be surmounted. These personalities are ENSP, ESFP, INSP and ISFP.

Another section with whom ENTJs can’t be friends is the SJ category simply because they lack intuition. Also take into consideration that SJs love traditional approaches while the ENTJ is a rule-breaker and both won’t see eye to eye on several situations. Here you have ISFJ, ISTJ, ESTJ and ESFJ.

ENTJs will actively seek out people inclined to logical thinking and with a future focused attitude. The ones who love brainstorming will find a good friend in an ENTJ. On the other hand, the humble personalities will seek to stay away from such friendships. This is because they question the purpose of such an activity.

It is not easy to be friends with an ENTJ. This also means that ENTJs prize friendship and those who are friends are valuable. They are keen to know about other people’s interests, ideas and theories. A conversation with a friend will never be superficial with an ENTJ.

The right set of friends will tell their ENTJ friends to take it slow and not keeping rushing all the time. They will also be there as guides when it comes to understanding the emotions of others. In return, the ENTJ promises them loyalty and a motivation to keep developing. This symbiotic relationship is what ENTJs love the most. What they need more than anything is for someone to stimulate their mind with the right topics.

ENTJ Friendship