ENTJ Personality Type

ENTJ is the acronym for Extraversion, Intrusion, Thinking, and Judgement. It is one of the 16 personality types of the Myers- Briggs Type Indicator. Individuals under ENTJ personality types are born leaders. They are highly motivated, passionate and self- driven. They are gifted with charisma and confidence that works as a pull strategy to draw the crowd towards themselves and work for common goals. However, commanders can also be ruthless and rational sometimes. But with their strong determination, sharp mind and self –driven personality, they can achieve whatever they set to achieve. And, it is amazing that Commanders comprise only 3% of the world population. Because obviously, it takes a lot of willpower and a well-defined vision to become a leader. We all are surrounded by Commanders in our lives. Thanks to all the business leaders, because of whom, we are enjoying the luxuries of life.

"We don’t get a chance to do that many things, and everyone should be really excellent. Because this is our life. Life is brief, and then you die, you know? And we’ve all chosen to do this with our lives. So, it better be damn good. It better be worth it”.
– #SteveJobs
(Steven Paul Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple Inc.)


Commanders love to take up challenges, be it big or small because they believe that with enough time and resources, any set goals can be achieved. This is the quality that makes individuals with commander personality entrepreneurs and business leaders. They are strategic thinkers and have a long term focus while executing each and every step in their process. As said earlier, they perform every task with determination and precision. The ‘E’ which stands for Extraversion explains why people with commander personality drive everyone along with them to achieve remarkable results and success. They never give up on their dreams and goals. The determination is often a self- fulfilling prophecy, which makes commanders stand out from others.


Commanders always thrive on being efficient. They don’t care if they are called insensitive. As long as they perform their jobs efficiently, they are happy. This also makes them dominant, relentless and unforgiving when it comes to negotiating in a corporate environment. This doesn’t mean that they are cold-hearted or vicious. It is because they love challenges and battle of wits and the repartee that comes from such an environment. Commanders are true to their core values of ultimate victory. And there is no turning back from this.


Commanders respect people who stand up to them intellectually. They like people who act in precision and quality equal to their own. Commanders can recognize talents in others, which in turn helps them in team building. This also helps commanders in avoiding displaying their arrogance and condescension. However, what becomes trouble for commanders, is their insensitivity towards others. They have a skill in calling out others’ failures and mistakes without caring about the feelings of the other person.


Emotional expression is not a strong virtue of any analyst. And especially commanders always try to distance themselves from emotions in public. It is felt by a swath of people around them. As mentioned earlier, commanders are very blunt towards people, who are incompetent, inefficient and lazy. Especially in a professional environment, they crush all the sensitivity. For commanders, displaying any kind of emotion is just a sign of weakness. This makes it easier for them to make enemies. But, don’t worry, commanders are not that bad either. They are very sensitive towards having a functioning team, on whom they can depend on. They do care about the validation and feedback from their team and are always curious about that.


Commanders cultivate a quality of being larger than life and often enough, they are. Being the true powerhouses, they do need to remember to be grounded. They should understand that the fact that their stature doesn’t just comes from their own actions. Commanders have to recognize the contribution and talents of the team that props everything for them. So, they have to support their network from an emotional perspective. Even if they have adopted the ‘fake it, till you make it’ mentality. And if the commanders combine the emotional perspective with their intellect, they will be rewarded with deep satisfaction, strong relationships and all the challenging victories.




The one quality that ENTJs respect to the utmost in efficiency. For them, being efficient is everything as it saves time and energy. Efficiency helps to avoid distraction from focusing on the goals. For them, inefficiency just sabotages the efforts of achieving goals. It just consists of irrationality and laziness. And people with commander personality will root out such behaviour, wherever they go.


ENTJs are always energized throughout the process of achieving their goals. Not a single time, they find the process taxing. And this is what makes the work fun and exciting. ENTJs enjoy leading their teams with all the enthusiasm.


C’mon, they won’t be called ENTJs, if they are always plagued with self-doubt. They trust their capabilities and make their own opinions. They believe in their capacities as a leader.


One of the best qualities of ENTJs is that they never give up. No matter, how tough a situation gets, they always strive to achieve their goals. For them, nothing is as satisfying as rising to the challenge of each obstacle in their run to finish the line.


ENTJs know the difference between moment to moment crisis management and navigating the challenges and steps of a bigger plan. They analyze each and every angle of the problem. ENTJs don’t focus on resolving momentary issues. They rather believe in moving the whole project forward with the solutions.


The above-mentioned qualities combined are what make the commander charismatic and inspiring. This is the reason, why people choose them to their leaders. Their charisma inspires and invigorates others. And this helps ENTJs to achieve their ambitious goals, which is not possible to achieve alone.



Sometimes, ENTJs can go overboard with their self-confidence and energy. They like digging their heels in every matter and try to win every debate. This makes them a little selfish when they try to push their vision and theirs alone.


The ENTJs follow the saying- “it’s my way or the high way”. They are always unsupportive of the ideas that distract them from achieving their goals. ENTJs are intolerant towards the ideas based on emotional considerations. They always make this fact clear to the people around them.


ENTJs always fail to understand the fact that some people take more time to think than others. This is indeed an intolerable thing to quick thinking. But, ENTJs misinterpret contemplation as incompetency. They also take it as stupidity and disinteresting. And all this haste is terrible for someone, who is a leader.


ENTJs believe and respect quick thoughts and firm conviction. All those qualities they possess and look down on people who don’t match up to them. This overbearing by ENTJ becomes a challenge for them to build a relationship with other personality types.


There are assumed supremacy of rationalism associated with the ENTJs. This makes them distant from their own emotional expressions. And also sometimes downright scornful of others. ENTJs can inadvertently hurt the feelings of their partners and friends, due to this behaviour. And if there is an emotionally charged situation, then it becomes worse.


As mentioned earlier, ENTJs are obsessed with efficiency and rationalism. And especially, in a professional environment, this creates trouble. This makes ENTJs incredibly insensitive in pursuing their goals. They also treat personal circumstances, sensitivities and preferences as irrational and irrelevant.