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ENTJ Overview - The Commander Personality

The Commander Personality

How to spot an ENTJ

ENTJ Overview

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, based on the psychological personality types proposed by Carl Jung, has ENTJ as one of the 16 personalities. On taking the test, you will be able to find out your personality type as well as traits that are associated to your existence and approach to life. No personality is better than the other and they are all found in varying ratios in the world.

ENTJ stands for Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging. This person spends more time with others and has a focus towards ideas and concepts because of the intuitive nature. They prefer deciding things after careful evaluation through logic and reasoning as well as being planned and organized. They tend to have a personality that leads others and are often termed as Commanders.

ENTJs also have other names such as the Visionary and the Executive. This is a rare personality type and tends to be the ones found at executive levels of companies.

They are born leaders who have confidence and are authoritative. This personality requires strong traits such as being ruthless, determined, leading and visionaries. Because of this complex mix of traits that are needed in one individual, the ENTJ personality makes up less than 2 per cent of the world population. There are more male ENTJ people (3 per cent of men) as compared to females (1 per cent of women).

Their logical bent of mind sets ENTJs apart. They are prone to be analytical and have an objective and composed view of situations. The focus is not on the problem at hand but at coming up with solutions. The most exciting times are when an ENTJ is in the driver’s seat and take charge of situations. If there’s anything that satisfies an ENTJ it is the quality of being in command, organizing things to reach a shared objective and take everyone along the way.

Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging (ENTJ)

Extrovert indicates that the person seeks company outside of themselves. They have an enthusiastic personality and so an ENTJ will feel the need to talk.

Intuitive shows the person’s inclination to think of future possibilities. They use their inspiration and imagination to get knowledge that others may not see. Deep concepts and philosophical ideas attract them.

Introduction to ENTJ also known as the commander personality

Thinking shows an objective nature. An ENTJ will only rely on logic and facts to guide their decisions. This makes them ideal when it comes to problem solving situations.

Judging enables ENTJs to think in order. They have this itching need to be organized and structured. Work always comes before other areas of life.

Let us take an overview of the characters that define what it means to be an ENTJ or know this person.

ENTJ with respect to others

Since ENTJs have their eyes set on the finish line, they are unable to handle people who are inefficient and keep repeating mistakes. Being lazy is not an option when you’re in the team of a commander. When it comes to the display of emotions, especially in public sphere, an ENTJ will not just dislike it in themselves but also in others. In a rage of uneasiness, this individual is likely to neglect or overpower the other person’s creativity or sensitivity. To change this, the ENTJ needs to remember that in order to reach the vision they have set for themselves, they need a functional and coordinated team.

In comparison to the majority of the world population, which is timid, the ENTJ is unable to be naturally tuned in to people’s feelings. According to them, it is incorrect to change judgments depend on the other person’s sensitivity.

This leads us to the other point that ENTJs tend to lack patience. They have a vision and want others to also believe in the same. This is likely to lead them to be impatient and inconsiderate of others feelings. Therefore, ENTJs have to work in putting themselves in other people’s shoes or else they may end up being overbearing and forceful.

Entrepreneurial ENTJ

ENTJs tend to have an entrepreneurial streak. The ENTJ is of the opinion that given the right resources and time, he can achieve anything. If they have the ability to deal in businesses, they are equally capable of setting up their own. The reason why ENTJs tend to be successful is that they have the ability to strategize and think long-term.

An ENTJ personality thrives on challenges. A life without challenges is dull for them. Because of their extroverted personality, they tend to keep going after something even when several others would have given up. Whatever may be the conflict, the ENTJ will face every storm if he believes in his vision.

They know what needs to be done and also know which person can best execute it. The commander has an eye to spot problems and can instantly take charge to change it. That’s why you will find ENTJs giving out orders to people in the team. The ENTJ has a powerful personality that swoops over everyone. It is also one of the reasons others motivates others to work.

ENTJs frequently exhibit decision-making abilities. They have no qualms or hesitations in deciding things and frequently decide quickly. As already mentioned, emotions have no role in deciding things and ENTJs rely on logical reasoning for outcomes.

ENTJ versus Emotions

The extroverted and commandeering personality of an ENTJ may lead people to misjudge them as being cold or even ruthless. However, that is far from the case. There is no doubt that handling and understanding emotions aren’t a strong point for this personality type. But this does not make them cruel.

It is not as if the ENTJ has no emotions. But rather, they do not believe in giving expressions free rein. You will find them quickly hiding emotions. Being emotional or sentimental is akin to being weak in their eyes. That is why they tend to hide it from others’ scrutiny. Since they tend to view others from their own perspective they seek the same in others. So when others display overt emotions, it tends to irritate the ENTJ. This personality would do well to remember the existence of sensitivity in others.

This aspect is likely to cause some problems in their lives. Emotions will tend to stay deeply submerged and sometimes these can be ill-founded. This is because they do not allow their feelings to step out.

The power of the mind overpowers the control the heart has in almost all aspects of their life. Logic trumps emotions. But a successful visionary needs to keep in mind that in order to get success, the team needs to be taken along. Try to consider the various emotions the team members bring to the table. That will help the ENTJ in the long run.

ENTJ personality types should remember that though they drive projects, the team members are the pillars. If needed, they may even have to fake being sensitive and emotional in order to keep the team at play. The commanders who are successfully able to bring about this tactical emotional change will see higher success. Combined with their logical state of mind, the reward will be victories in their undertakings as well as deeper qualitative relations with people.

ENTJ Overview