When it comes to relationships, commanders do not treat them any differently. Like any other areas, commanders approach dating and relationships with a set of goals and plan to achieve them. And need not to mention, that they proceed to do so with impressive energy and enthusiasm. In a relationship, commanders are always there to win. And of course, they do the leading role here as well. They personally take responsibility of how smoothly things can go. And they work actively to ensure a mutually rewarding experience. Romantic relationships are serious business for the commanders. And they are here for a long haul.


Commanders put a lot of energy into a relationship. They come up with creative ideas to keep the dating phase exciting and interesting. But at the same time, commanders look for long term. And if at any point, they feel that the relationship is heading towards a dead end, they immediately cut ties with their partner. They move on quickly. But this may seem like an abrupt end to the attention received to their partner.


As always, the occasional ruthlessness in a relationship is a primary weakness of the commanders. And if they aren’t careful, they can develop quite the reputation. It is true that commanders are emotionally challenged. It is difficult for them to sense the feelings of others. But it is also important for them to consciously develop it. This is essential for both, the sake of their partner and their own emotional expression. And if they fail to do so, they can risk their dominating nature. This insensitivity can easily break a relationship, especially in the early phase.


Usually, everything goes well during the dating phase. The future is deemed viable. But commanders continue to impress their partner with their creativity and energy. Their confidence makes their sex life interesting and dynamic. Commanders always try to explore new ways to express their imaginative enthusiasm. But remember everything is planned and structured in the lives of commanders. So even the innovations in their sex lives are planned in advance. And it is quite predictable. This leaves the true spontaneity to those of less predictable personality types.


As we know, commanders are extremely growth oriented. They will seize every opportunity to improve themselves. They constantly listen to and act on criticism, as long as it is logical. And always strive to improve their knowledge. But at the same time, commanders do expect the same thing from their partner. And it surprises them if their partner doesn’t share the same attitude. They are even more surprised if their partner avoids such tense situations.


Commanders do realize that their approach is just one angle of a multi-faceted spectrum of alternatives. They always view criticism as the most efficient route. But, they need to understand that sometimes, their partner just wants to seek emotional support and growth. And this is the area of self- improvement the commanders always avoid. They should understand that balance is the key to everything. So, they should try to meet the needs of their partner halfway through. It may be through honest criticism or emotional support.


Commanders’ best match with other intuitive (N) types. There may be one or two opposing traits, but this is what creates a balance in the relationship. Mature commanders understand the fact that even the most rational person has an emotional need. And they know that this need has to be met. They try to adapt to the needs of their partner. Fortunately, the same logic that dismisses emotions understands that conciliatory can be the best tool to get the job done. All commanders need is a strong sense of responsibility and dedication. This can make any relationship satisfying and last longer.