It is challenging to be with commanders, whether in friendship or romance. And to be with them by default in a parent-child relationship, can border on the impossible. This doesn’t imply that commander personality types are bad parents. It’s just become a little difficult for them if their child is sensitive. Because a sensitive is a child is not able to think rationally. And it requires a great deal of emotional tact and personal liberty to deal with such children. And ENTJ parents are just not accustomed to giving this.


Like any other relationship, commanders take their roles as parents seriously. They have the utmost sense of personal responsibility towards it. Commanders always hold themselves to a higher standard. They see the success of their children as a reflection of these standards. All they want is to see their children grow into smart and independent people. The ones who strive to achieve their goals. Commanders do not care much about assigning moral values to their children. But they give importance to the cultivation of independent, intellect and rational thoughts. And why not, after all, commanders do want their children to grow into future commanders.


Commanders always welcome differences of opinion, and this is true with their children as well. They enjoy having rational, well-thought-out discussions with their children. But at the end of the day, they expect their authority to be respected. Disagreement is no excuse for shirking established responsibilities. And commander parents can be uncompromising in maintaining this structure. This strictness can create a lot of tension in the household. So, a little flexibility can go a long way.


Emotional expressions are always trouble for commanders. And emotional tolerance being a weakness, can make it difficult for the commander parents to deal with their children. Especially, with the adolescents, as they have to be dealt with sensitivity. Like in every relationship, commanders should strive to learn emotional expressions. Because young children cannot express their thoughts rationally. And adolescents don’t have the patience to express their thoughts. Commanders need to build an emotional relationship with their children. This will build trust between them. And especially in the case of teenagers, it avoids them to become rebellious.


Commander parents should understand that the necessary sense of independence is being able to control one’s schedule and activities. They need to loosen their structure and should provide a flexible environment for their children. They should let their children grow into independent and intellect individuals at their own pace. Rather than forcing their authority on them.