The world of career is where commanders are suited best. With their self-confidence, intelligence, charisma and boldness, they make the best leaders. And no other personality type is best suited for a leader in an organization than commanders. And they do enjoy being in this position. Combining their vision, passion and determination, they can achieve any set goals. As said earlier, commanders are born to be leaders. Below are some of the best traits that Commanders are blessed with to make a mark in their chosen industry.


The world of business is where commanders’ overbearing self-confidence works as a boon for them. Unlike in their other relationships, where the same thing can create troubles. This is an admirable quality to keep people on track and get things done. Executive positions and entrepreneurialism are best-suited professions for people with commander personality type. Actually, any position that is top enough to clearly see the horizon is meant for commanders. A failure is never an option for commanders. They conceive a vision and formulate a strategy for the future. And they execute each step with ruthless precision.


ENTJ aka The Commanders do not accept incompetence, laziness and inefficiency. If they find anyone with any of these, they do not hesitate to come down hard. Commanders have strict standards designed for themselves to be effective in achieving their goals. This makes them excellent corporate strategists. And their objectivity and clarity of thoughts can also make them great lawyers and judges.


Commanders are excellent communicators. Because they won’t be leaders if nobody could understand what commanders are thinking. They have a thirst for knowledge. They aren’t afraid to use a principle if they have understood its mechanisms. Combining this with leadership also makes commanders excellent University professors.


If the commanders are stagnated as low-level employees, it will take time to recognize their skills and talents. This will make them bouncing walls and deeply unhappy. Commanders crave for leadership. They want to take over control of everything. They crave for bigger responsibilities, growth and opportunity. They enjoy managing people to get work done. Commanders are visionary and not day-to-day administrators. It is true that it takes time to get recognized, but commanders are always up to the task.


For commanders, the workplace is anything but a natural habitat. Their efficiency and clear communication are valued at their workplace. Their leadership is admired and their ability to get things done is unrivalled. These qualities point to a managerial or executive role. And for commanders, any position with powerlessness is highly undesirable. Commanders can adapt to any hierarchy by what they do the best. By asserting their opinions, taking initiatives and completing the tasks, that others thought were impossible.


Being under the subordinate position can be challenging for commanders. It takes active management to ensure their satisfaction and engagement. Commander subordinates are always ready to learn new skills. They seek out responsibilities and new challenges. They believe that nothing is impossible with a little bit of hard work. Commander subordinates can go into a state of absentmindedness if things go in a slower pace. But when they are involved in projects, they prove to be organized and well prioritized.


ENTJs set high standards for themselves. But all these depend on the feedback, they receive from their managers. Objectives and rational statements of what is right and what can be done better are helpful for commanders. Instead of resenting from criticism, they appreciate them. Opportunities for growth keep commanders engaged and productive. As long as their managers recognize this as the primary responsibility, the relationship will be fruitful.


ENTJs are sociable and enjoy sharing ideas and critiques with their colleagues. They love assert themselves into positions as representatives or project leads. Commanders enjoy working with equals. Anyone who is incompetent or less driven will only see the condescending and arrogant side of the commanders. Commanders enjoy tutoring others, because of the energy and knowledge, they have. Commanders’ mentors should bear in mind that their students respect them for their firm confidence. And any hand holding or emotional appeal will only burn the bridge between them. In this partnership, what is best is, what is effective? And there shouldn’t be any sugarcoating for reality.


ENTJ Personality types are great managers because of their charisma, confidence and communication. They want every job to be done as efficiently as possible. And to the highest standard of quality. Commanders can identify the strengths of each member of their team. And they incorporate these abilities into their plan. This makes each individual fills a unique and important role. There is no place for inefficient and shoddy work under the leadership of commanders. And if you’re someone, who doesn’t feel highly motivated all the time, then better find yourself a new manager.


Armed with a powerful intellect and strategic thinking, commanders can overcome any obstacle. With their determination and strong will power, nothing is impossible for them. But their rationalism and lack of emotional expression can be misunderstood a lot of times. But don’t worry, this is not the end. You may have accepted yourself to be misunderstood even by your closed ones. This is just a defence-mechanism which you’re using to run from your emotions. But you can always learn to channelize your feelings. After all, leaders are humans too. And humans are full of emotions. Don’t let anything hold you back. Because every cloud has a silver lining.